Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Sun. March 8, 2020: Spiritual Practice of Generosity -- Kick-off of the Annual Budget Drive

In worship we were asked to to write on a heart why we come to the Unitarian Church of Montpelier. Two children helped gather the stars and with adults from the Stewardship team created a butterfly on the banner that will track our progress through the upcoming weeks of the Annual Budget Drive.  The children have made flowers that will represent the money we collectively raise during the month, that help nurture the butterfly.

In the Children's Chapel we found lots of pennies in the Wonder Box!  Each child got to keep a penny and we sang the chorus and first verse of Magic Penny.  We talked about how this month our theme is Wisdom, and one part of Wisdom is that the more kind things and love you put out into the world, the more those things tend to circle back round to you.  And that has to do with our Annual Budget Drive, which is our way of all chipping in to keep our church going.

We give of our time (volunteering), our treasure (or money) and our talent (like singing a prelude or doing art for the order of service).  People have been doing this for over 150 years to build our church in the first place, and to keep it going!  It's a special thing to be a part of.

Since kids don't have jobs like grown-ups do, it is hard to give much money, but this month we'll have a church piggy bank for any kids who find coins in the couch cushions or who just want to give a few coins from their allowance.  At the end of the budget drive, we'll have all the coins together and  give a Children's Donation to the budget drive!  One child said, "I have a jar with about $10 in coins, can I give that?!"

But kids do have a lot of energy for volunteering and that is what we spent most of Sunday morning doing.  The children and LSE volunteers and some helpful parents made heart flags, using hearts from Valentine's Day in downtown Montpelier.  We brought them downstairs and worked together as a group to make the vestry all ready for the Celebration of Love kick-off to the Annual Budget Drive.   It was beautiful to see all the kids helping, from the preschoolers on up to the 4th graders.  Thank you everyone!

During Coffee Hour people of all ages were excited to participate in the thank you cards and the raffle.  Some pictures below.

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