Saturday, June 20, 2020

LSE Library and Black Lives Matter Library

Summer is a great time to curl up with a glass of lemonade and nurture your spiritual journey through reading!  Stop by the Lifespan Spiritual Exploration library which will be living on my front porch.  There is hand sanitizer to use, and a sign-out sheet. Topics include: 

  • Spiritual Practices (collections of fun, short essays on a variety of types, or books on specific practices like prayer)
  • Anti-racism work, dismantling white supremacy (White Fragility, Waking Up White, The Hate U Give, Just Mercy)
  • UU History
  • Spiritual side of aging
  • UU parenting themes
  • Books on mindfulness -- all ages
  • Picture books on a variety of topics
  • LGBTQ picture books for kids

Please see the church directory for my address or the Summer 2020 Newsletter that went out via email on June 12.

I want to expand our offerings of picture books about racism and how to be anti-racist but supplies are currently very limited and I'd like to support our local book stores, so here is something to hold you over for now.

Click the link below to access great read alouds on topics such as Activism and Advocacy, Self-love and empowerment, Black History, and libros en espanol.  There's a slide at the end with places to make donations to support this work.


Black Lives Matter Instructional Library (click here)

Friday, June 19, 2020

Get on the bus for the UU (virtual) Road Trip ~ June, July, and August 2020

It’s a magical VW bus, with unlimited space and no emissions!  All are welcome aboard. While our UCM worship team takes a break for the summer, you can continue weekly online worship with us. Come and learn more about our wider UU faith from East to West! To see where we've been and where we're going next on the road trip--including the links to worship--visit our UU Road Trip Dashboard (click here). We hope you'll consider joining our Coffee Hour at 11am each Sunday, to share impressions. You can find the Zoom info in the Dashboard link above.  Thank you for joining us on this virtual faith adventure! 

The UU Road Trip Team 
(Brenda Bean, Sarah Franklin, Vic Guadagno, Paul Hartmann, Barbara Thompson, and Liza Earle-Centers)

Friday, June 12, 2020

The First Flower Ceremony ~ A StoryWalk in the UCM Church Yard through June 14, 2020

This illustrated version became the pages to a StoryWalk that Anne Ferguson and Liza Earle-Centers set-up around our church yard for the first two weeks in June.  Many thanks to Anne, along with the flower crew of Bernice Tuttle, Pat Carstensen, Jackie Dennison, and Beth Damon who helped decorate the StoryWalk and create a Leave a Flower, Take a Flower station in the yard the weekend of June 6-7th!

It was a special way for all ages to connect with our church building after much time away, and with the land that it sits upon.

Keep an eye out in the e-news (or just in the church yard) for additional StoryWalks for part of July and part of August.


March Mystery Madness becomes May Mystery Madness

"We didn't realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun." ~A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh (opening words that Deb found for Big Reveal) We just had a blast with a fantastic turnout for our Big Reveal Party. 

It was originally March Mystery Madness, but morphed (after an initial delay) into May Mystery Madness! Pairs where both wanted to continue sent email messages to and then Deborah Van Ness or I would forward them along to the right person, MINUS any identifying email addresses. 

So, on Sunday June 7th, we had 16 pairs continue for the late spring version and it was really special to have some connect time in breakout rooms. People shared three show-and-tell items that were special to them. THANK YOU so much to all the pairs and to Deb (from JOLLIFICATION) for making the revival possible. While we all would have loved to meet in person, one observation was that it was a lot easier to hear one another in a Zoom breakout room than in a full vestry during coffee hour.

Deborah Van Ness of JOLLIFICATION was absolutely key to the successful transition to MAY Mystery Madness.  Thank you, Deb!

Peace is Something We Do

This piece was written in September 2011, shortly after the floods caused by Hurricane Irene.  I could have written it this week.  At the ti...