Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Multigenerational Service Project: Surprise Valentines!


Feb. 6th Adult LSE Workshop: Talking About Race with Kids and Youth


Sending appreciation out to the 30 UCMers who gathered virtually this morning for Talking About Race with Kids and Youth. Grandparents, parents, teachers, aunties/uncles, LSE volunteers, and neighbors! We talked about why we want to have these conversations, about celebrating differences and not trying to be "color blind," about the importance of being honest, books that celebrate Black joy, and of ways to take big ideas and break them down into more understandable language.

It was rich and I'm looking forward to follow-up sessions for practice. Later this week I will make available a recording for anyone from UCM who would like to view it, and the resources shared by the fabulous facilitators, Laura Smith and Alexa Gabriel. Send a note to Liza if you'd like to view the recording. We have permission to share it to those within our congregation.

Peace is Something We Do

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