Thursday, October 14, 2021

October 6, 2021: Gleaning Eggplants as Multigenerational Lifespan Spiritual Exploration


Many thanks to the nearly fifteen people of ALL ages who joined in this service project with Community Harvest of Central Vermont.  

The team gleaned 534 pounds of eggplants that were sorted and then sent out to the following: 

Montpelier Food Pantry
Bethany Bowl 
Feast at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center 
Worcester Food Shelf
Waterbury Area Senior Center
Salvation Army
Capstone Community Action
Mad River Valley Senior Center
Mad River Valley Community Pantry
VT Food Bank

Everyone said it was great to connect with each other and the land, as well as 6th principle of Unitarian Universalism.  That's the one about working for a fair world and peaceful world.  A fair world means everyone has access to healthy, local food! 

Many thanks to Allison Levine of Community Harvest of Central VT for coordinating the project logistics.  They are always seeking more helping hands with harvests, so please reach out via their web page. 

Gratitude also to the owners of Bear Roots Farm in Williamstown for their generosity and skill all season in growing these eggplants!  Thanks to the plants themselves, and the sun, air, water, and soil.  

Photo appreciation to Alison Donlan-Kite, Joka Anibal Montalvan Hoyes, and Janet Poeton.  

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Oct. 3, 2021: Middle School Youth Group Cider Pressing

The rain held off long enough yesterday for a great in-person launch to our Middle School Youth Group! It was such a pleasure to see them working together so well already! Many thanks to the parents for schlepping them out to Middlesex and to Brian Prendergast for hosting and teaching us. Dell Waterhouse was another big help and thank you to Jackie Dennison for getting cider donuts for some feasting! We're looking to have an outdoor activity the first Sunday of each month through December at least! We'll continue to find a time to have an online Coffee Hour as we're able to.

Our chalice was a hurricane lamp!   

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