Wednesday, March 30, 2022

March 26, 2022 ~ Maple Sugaring with the MS Youth Group


This past Sunday's maple sugaring with members of the middle school youth group was SO MUCH FUN! Thanks to all the kids, parents, and LSE volunteers who made it happen. Special thanks to our hosts, Margot and Brian Prendergast!      
We collected sap from their 60 taps and helped keep the fire going. We made sugar-on-snow and had pickles (thank you Janet Poeton!) and donuts on the side. Closed with some check-ins and a song of healing and love to those who were named in our check-ins as needing some love and healing. Our chalice lighting words: 

Once More by Amy Bowden Freedman

Once more, the earth has turned toward the light of the sun.
As we are bathed in the light of a new day,
So may we greet the dawning of fresh possibility.
Once more, we awaken from our slumber...

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