Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Sun. Feb. 23, 2020: Resiliency through Connections AND Multigen Workshop: Making Personal Altars

    Last Sunday was the final in a rich month of exploring the theme for the month, "What does it mean to be a people of Resilience?"  The worship service was on the idea of leaning on one another for support through hard times and Rev. Joan told the story of Two Frogs, by Christopher Buice.  It's worth a read if you weren't there!  To tie in with that story, during the Spiritual Exploration time in the Children's Chapel, we made butter by shaking a jar of cream. It is hard to do on your own, but with a group to share the work... no problem.  What a rich treat at the end of our Explorers time!  

To continue the theme of interconnectedness, at the 9am we made a web out of yarn, and talked about spiders and their process.  Some children were inspired by the image of dream catchers, and made their own out of a hoop that has been kicking around with no purpose in the corner of the room for years!  

At the 11am, we used yarn that--on it's own--breaks easily.  When woven together with other strands, it becomes strong, just like our friends and families, and congregation, makes each of us stronger!  

In the afternoon, we were fortunate to have Johanna Nichols lead us in a lovely workshop of a spiritual practice that involves making personal altars in your own home.  She shared her own experience of how this practice has helped her over the years, through different life transitions, and some guiding ideas that she uses, including lining up certain elements and ideas with the four directions and center.  We had all ages actively engaged and sharing in a meaningful way.  There was time for breaking out and making our own altars in the space, and then sharing them with the group at the end.  Many thanks to Johanna and the participants for creating this special learning experience together.

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