Tuesday, June 7, 2022

June 6, 2022 ~ Chalice Circle Celebration

On the beautiful spring night of June 6th we revived the tradition of an end-of-church-year celebration to honor the facilitators and participants of our small groups or "Chalice Circles" as we call them now. Beautiful evening, smiles all around, and fresh local strawberries. New friends and longtime friends! Listening and sharing. The simple blessings. We had just over twenty of us, and they represented all of Chalice Circles--Small Group Ministry, Soul Matters, Seasoned Souls, Queerality, and the Caregiver Support Group. New groups will be forming in September, and I hope all of you will find one to join!

Here were our opening words, from Voices from the Margins: An anthology of meditations

by Marta Valentin

Step into the center
come in from the margins

I will hold you here.
Don't look back
or around
feel my arms
the water is rising.
I will hold you
as you tremble.
I will warm you.
Don't look out
or away
life is in here
between you and me.
In this tiny space,
where I end and you begin
hope lives.
In this precious tiny space
no words need be whispered
to tell us we are one.
You and I
we make the circle
if we choose to.
step in
I am waiting for you.


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