Tuesday, May 17, 2022

May 15, 2022 Our Whole Lives Celebration


For five Sundays this spring, nearly twenty 4th-6th graders gathered to participate in the Our Whole Lives sexuality education program.  The topics they explored are: Sexuality and Values, Images in Popular Culture, Body Image, Changes of Puberty, Gender, Feelings and Attractions, Reproduction and Staying Healthy, Decisions and Actions, Consent and Peer Pressure, and Health Relationships. 

Many thanks to all the youth and their parents who made the commitment to these five sessions! SPECIAL THANKS to our talented volunteer facilitators, Peter Watt and Mara Iverson (below). 

After all that learning, time to CELEBRATE. Check out the amazing OWL cupcakes made by one of the kids and her mom. Word on the street was that they tasted as good as they looked too!

Certificates for each youth, and a gift certificate for a free creemee at the Meadow Mart.  Kids and parents made a gift basket to thank each facilitator.  And then the kids rang the church bell in celebration!  This group was a lot of fun and awesome to get into discussions. We hope we have future OWLs and youth group fun with them again soon! 

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