Sunday, May 8, 2022

May 7, 2022 ~ All Ages Green Up Day


A dozen of us -- the Dirty Dozen we decided -- cared for Mother Earth in celebration of spring and community and beauty! We gathered first at the church yard, then along the east end of the bike path. Finding very little trash there (hallelujah!) we migrated to the Park n' Ride off Dog River Rd. There was enough trash there to keep us busy for close to an hour, at which point our pizza at Positive Pi was ready to be picked up. Liza had made fresh brownies that morning, too!  Don't worry, we washed our hands VERY well at the church before digging in to our food for celebration.  Our ages spanned many decades and we had just a blast together, making new friends and renewing connections with longtime friends too!  Strangest finds: gold good luck coin, plunger, TV set. 

Above: Started along the Winooski, on Country Club Rd. After not finding much trash -- a lovely problem to have -- we went to the I89 Park n' Ride off Dog River Rd. 

Above: Before.

Below: After. 

Below: Party time back at the church.  Time to celebrate with food and fellowship!

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